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State Auto Tag & Insurance is a family owned and operated insurance agency in South Florida.

We represent over a dozen insurance companies and will tailor a policy that will best serve your needs and save you money.

In addition, our range of title services and tag renewal will save you the headaches of setting up appointments at the Department of Motor Vehicles and exasperating hours waiting in line for service that many times does not even resolve your issues.

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State Auto Tag & Insurance Agency offers a complete line of insurance for your car, bike or boat.

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Your time is precious. Don’t spend your day waiting in line at the DMV. We’ll do the waiting for you!

Frequently Asked Questions

Though Florida may be known for its sunny weather, its unique insurance laws can make things a little hazy for drivers in the Sunshine State. We’ll help clarify your Florida coverage requirements, explain how PIP covers you, and of course, talk about all the car insurance discounts that can save you some major dough.

What information do I need to bring in to renew my Florida Registration?

We need proof of current Florida auto insurance along with, the most current Florida registration or renewal notice you may have received in the mail. If that information is not available we will need a copy of the owners Florida drivers license and the year, make and model of the vehicle along with the tag number and Vehicle Identification Number (V.I.N.).

What information do I need to transfer a vehicle I just purchased from a private party?

We need proof of current Florida auto insurance along with the title of the vehicle signed by the seller and purchaser. A copy of the purchaser’s drivers license and any proof of the purchasers previous Florida tag. (If Applicable)

How long does it take you to complete my tag and title work?

Approximately, 10 to 15 minutes in our office to obtain all of your relevant information. Then the completed work is usually ready the following business day by 12:00pm..

How do I correctly sign my title over to someone else?

On the title, the seller should fill in the name and address of the purchaser, the odometer information, selling price, and the date sold in the “Transfer of Title by Seller” section. They must then sign their name in the left column in the Seller section and hand print their name in the right column, same section. The purchaser should then sign their name in the left column in the Purchaser section and hand print their name in the right column, same section. If there is a co-purchaser, they should follow the same instructions in the Co-Purchaser section.

Does my license plate and registration expire on my birthday or the end of my birth month?

Registrations issued in the name of an individual expire at midnight on the day of their birth date, except for mobile homes and commercial vehicles. Mobile homes expire at midnight on the last day of the month of December. Commercial vehicles expire at midnight on the last day of the month of May (if registered semiannually) or December (for annual registrations). Registration issued in a company name are assigned a designated month and the registration expires at midnight on the last day of that month.

*Late fee’s are not assessed on a registration until the 10th of the following month.

How much insurance coverage do I need?

Your individual needs and situation should dictate how much insurance you need. When you’re trying to determine how much insurance to buy, here are a few factors to think about:

  • How much can you afford to pay out of pocket? (Choose a deductible that you know you can pay out of pocket. Also, if you choose lower limits, you might be personally responsible for damages that exceed those limits. Consider whether you can afford this possibility, too.)
  • Do you make payments on your car? (If you do, you may be required to have Comprehensive and Collision in addition to Liability coverage.)
  • What type of vehicle do you drive? (It’s wise to have higher limits for vehicles, such as large SUVs, that can cause more damage.)
  • Do any drivers live in your house but never drive your vehicles? (You can exclude them from coverage on your policy, which means you won’t have to insure them on your policy.)

Remember, you can always call us if you have any questions about coverage. We can answer any questions and help you decide before you buy.

Is it legal to give a car as a gift to a family member, or do I have to put a dollar figure on it (for example $1)?

It is legal to give a car to a family member or anyone else, however, a bill of sale or an affidavit should be completed by both parties to verify this information for the Department of Revenue.

How do I find the best auto insurance for me?

Deciding on an auto insurance policy can seem overwhelming. It is important to choose a local agent who can help match you with just the right coverage for you and your vehicle. When getting an auto insurance quote from us, we will help you every step of the way to choose an auto insurance policy that makes sense for you.

How do I find the most affordable auto insurance for me?

To find the most affordable auto insurance policy for you, take the time to compare insurance providers to see who can save you the most money while providing you the most value.

Many insurance companies combine low rates with discounts to provide lower premiums for young drivers. We even offer a Good Student Discount to qualifying young drivers with good grades. And drivers who have multiple insurance policies with us can bundle and save, as well.

Talk to us to see what money-saving tips we have for you when choosing an auto insurance policy.

Will my insurance premium increase if I file a claim?

Every policy holder’s situation is unique, so depending on your circumstances, your premium may be affected. If you are concerned, don’t hesitate to discuss it with us. You may also want to ask us about Accident Forgiveness, which may help prevent your auto rates from going up just because of an accident, even if it’s your fault.

Why did my car insurance premium increase?

Most drivers know that tickets and accidents can raise your car insurance premium. But even if you haven’t been in an accident or received a ticket, there are other factors that can still affect the cost of your auto insurance.

Making a change to your policy can have an impact on your auto insurance rate. For instance, adding a driver will likely increase the cost of the policy, especially if the new driver is a teenager. Moving to a new residence may also affect the cost of your policy – depending on the rate of traffic accidents, thefts, and vandalism claims in your geographic area, this can affect your premium either negatively or positively.

Your premium may also increase if you’ve recently switched vehicles. The more your vehicle is worth, the more it will cost to insure. However, automobiles with features like anti-lock brakes, airbags, and anti-theft devices may lower your premium.

Why do car insurance premiums change?

Auto insurance premiums change for the same reasons that the price of other goods and services you buy change. Insurance companies incur the same costs you do in buying goods and services, and these costs can ultimately affect your insurance premium. Costs affecting the ultimate price of auto insurance include:

  • Medical costs to treat injuries
  • Auto repair costs
  • Costs to adjust claims
  • Inflation
  • Uninsured drivers (your policy pays when the other driver doesn’t have an Auto insurance policy if you purchase Uninsured Motorist coverage)

Although insurance companies can’t directly control these costs, we regularly monitor them to see how they are affecting the costs of the claims we pay. As they change, auto premiums must be adjusted. These costs can affect your auto insurance premium whether or not you individually have had an accident or claim.

Changes you make to your auto insurance policy or coverage may also change the premiums. Adding or removing a driver, buying a new car, moving to a new location or changing how you use your car may influence the cost of your auto insurance.

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Paul F. Sciberras
Paul F. Sciberras
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I have been going to see Deborah and Eric at State Auto Tag and Insurance for years and so have my whole family. Everyone at State auto tag gives me the full attention The service is second to none and their prices are always fair and competitive. Everyone that I have sent there through my business has always been pleased with their service not one I complaint EVER!!
Abiud Montes
Abiud Montes
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Same your time and go somewhere else to do business. Not very friendly.
Ira Agatstein
Ira Agatstein
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Excellent office knowledge and timely services
Blair Lei
Blair Lei
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Mars is absolutely the best! Very professional and friendly! I needed to transfer my title from out of state and get new registration. Mars helped me get everything done under 10 mins. I went back to pick up the new plate a few days later, and she even helped me put it on while it was raining. Thank you, Mars!
Neider Alexis Maury Riaño
Neider Alexis Maury Riaño
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Awful customer service. They shout on me because I don’t have a mask and I’m fully vaccinated
Nosbel Pacio
Nosbel Pacio
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Great experience at this auto tag agency after having a bad experience elsewhere nearby. Erick managed to take care of everything and provide transparency along with fair price. Thank you State Auto.
Reece Pounder
Reece Pounder
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It is 100 percent worth it to go here instead of a state or county run place. The people here are down to earth and friendly and are actually trying to help you. They saved us over $200 on our tag and plate just by being courteous and knowledgeable. Thank you
Trustindex verifies that the original source of the review is Google.
GREAT GREAT GREAT!!! I love that it is a family owned business! The mother daughter and father are so sweet and pleasant. Customer service top notch!! I was in and out in less than 10 mins and for that short time they were professional and friendly to me. They made me feel comfortable. I will use them for their services again!
Oneida Borisuck
Oneida Borisuck
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Be aware of this place,is a family business and when they are not arguing with each other they are scamming people. Eric the owner is the nicest scammer ever. I went to renew my 2 car registrations,each registration was $72 including the county tax,Mr Eric charged $15 for each year for each car and when I went to get the registration I noticed that he doble charged me for the county taxes I told him I think you overcharged me the county taxes and Mr Eric replied no I didn't I charge my own county taxes,I mean is that even legal? not only he charge $15 for each car for each year he charge $6 for each car for each year,so at the end of the day for 2 years registration that normal would cost 144.40 I ended up paying $220 ,well first time here and never again


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